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Our Core Values

At First Presbyterian Church, we commit ourselves, individually and corporately, to these values to guide how we will act as we pursue God’s vision and mission for our congregation.

In our Worship we
  • Glorify and adore God at the center of our lives.
  • Expect Jesus to be present in our worship and acknowledge His desire to communicate with each person.
  • Profess our need for God’s gracious forgiveness and healing of our spiritual brokenness.
  • Listen intently for God’s personal word and direction.
  • Express our gratitude to God through praise and generosity.
  • Embrace a warm, informal style that is welcoming to seekers and visitors.
In our Community we
  • Rely on Jesus as the head of our intergenerational church family.
  • Trust the leadership of our gifted and respected staff and elected elders.
  • Nurture an accepting, joyful environment that radiates personal and corporate health and accountability.
  • Make decisions through corporate discernment.
  • Identify and develop the spiritual gifts and call of every person.
  • Provide a place in which every person is encouraged to pursue emotional, physical and spiritual healing.
In our Spiritual Formation we
  • Trust the Scriptures to be the Word of God and the unique, authoritative witness to Jesus Christ.
  • Pursue a deepening, life-long intimacy with the triune God—Father, Son, and Holy Spirit—that strengthens our ability to easily and naturally do what Jesus would do.
  • Practice the spiritual disciplines that Jesus embraced such as prayer, silence and solitude, study of Scripture, confession, mutual accountability, celebration and forgiveness.
  • Study together to explore the meaning and practice of God’s Word, welcoming questions and soliciting observations from diverse perspectives.
In our Stewardship we
  • Acknowledge that all we have comes to us from God.
  • Embrace sacrificial giving as a way of life.
  • Discern prayerfully God’s priorities and guidance in all that we undertake.
  • Empower passion-based ministries consistent with our core values.
  • Develop and maintain our buildings and grounds as a holy space pleasing to God that provides a welcoming environment for all seekers and followers of Christ.
In our Service we
  • Love others intentionally through acts of kindness and service as a result of God’s overflowing love in our own lives.
  • Forge strong spiritual alliances with other Christian organizations to further God’s kingdom work both locally and globally.