Our Staff and Leadership

Church Staff

Pastor-  Dr Miriam Dixon continues in her 31st year at our church to provide a glimpse into God’s heart through her preaching and teaching. Her love for the Lord is apparent in everything she does and we continue to be honored to have her as our pastor.

Director of Spiritual Formation-  Deborah Rillos completed her 30th year as our Director of Spiritual Formation. Her enthusiasm for sharing what the Lord has to offer is apparent in everything she does like nudging many of us to teach Christian Education classes, encouraging participation in local mission opportunities, or preparing for mission trips to Rwanda.

Director of Youth Ministry-  Andrew Osten joined our staff in 2016.  His vision is to provide a safe place for our youth to bring questions and confusion they may be experiencing to the light and to lay a foundation for their adult lives in which they can experience joy and hope.

Administrative Assistant-  Nylene Haun is the backbone of our church. She expertly handles all of the clerical aspects of the church office and she is always to ready to help wherever help is needed. She continues to direct the handbell choir and helps the worship team by organizing printed music.

Elders of Session

Administration and Finance-  Steve Pouliot

Buildings and Grounds- Rob Thorsheim and John Arnold

Christian Education-  Monique Loseke

Communications-  Andrea Blaine

Congregational Care-  Debby Hansen

Membership-  Alannah Quiniones

Mission-  Diane Roth

Outreach-  Don Treasure

Personnel-  Bob Mallow

Stewardship-  Margaret Thompson-Gough

Worship-  Cindy Costello

Clerk of Session-  Barb Duggan