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Our Vision

First Presbyterian Church is an accepting, welcoming family of faith called by God to develop passionate and obedient followers of Christ to carry His love and truth into the world. Our faith community is built upon our Christ-centered values of worship, community, spiritual formation, stewardship and service as we strive to love God and love our neighbor.

In worship, we listen for God’s Word through the Holy Scriptures to teach and direct us into the world as His representatives. Our life together embodies the joyful, exuberant fellowship that characterizes the relationship between the Father, Son and Spirit. We are an intergenerational composite of children, youth, young adults, and wise sages, each of whom is a precious child of God equipped by the Holy Spirit to demonstrate the presence of Jesus and make His love known. Spiritual formation in Jesus is a life-long endeavor. We engage in the personal spiritual disciplines that Jesus embraced. We gather to study God’s Word and develop a deepening familiarity with His voice and direction. Our goal is to learn to easily and naturally do what Jesus would do in our place. Understanding that all we have comes to us from God, we embrace sacrificial giving as a way of life. We prayerfully discern God’s priorities and guidance in all that we undertake. Our buildings and grounds are an outpost of the kingdom of God, through which we deliberately create and maintain an inviting, holy space where all seekers and followers of Christ are welcome. Our love for God spills over in love for our neighbors locally and globally. We partner with Christian churches and organizations in projects that carry the love and truth of Jesus into our neighborhoods and into our world. We strive to make God’s love visible through our words, behavior and acts of service.