Finding Our Way
Prayer of St. Columba – Abbott of Iona
“My dearest Lord – you are a bright flame before me, a guiding star above me, a smooth path beneath me, a kindly shepherd behind me, today and evermore.”
I remember getting lost as a little boy. My family was at an amusement park. I was five and somehow I got separated from the rest. My dad had told us that if this happened we would all meet at a certain flagpole. But, for a moment, as I realized that no one was there with me and all these people surrounded me, I decided I was going to be “big.”
I could take care of myself. I’d get over to the flagpole when I was ready to meet up with everyone again, but I had the park before me. I was goin g to have fun! That lasted about 10 minutes, because I began running into questions… like which direction, what could I do by myself, what if someone asks me if I’m okay or where my parents are…
And then, I saw my sister’s face. She was in a crowd coming across a bridge and she was looking for me. When our eyes connected, I melted into tears of relief.
She got hold of my hand and led me back to the flagpole. Everyone else was there waiting for me.
We’re coming to the end of the season of Easter, when the church takes a day to celebrate the coming of the Holy Spirit – Pentecost. This was the moment when the shining light of God’s presence announced a new creation. God going to take hold of our hand and lead us back to our family, to be one family of humanity. This is the God who promised to look for us like a kindly shepherd, to become a smooth path for us, to guide us out of the darkness, the darkness of being lost.
As we come to the day of Pentecost, it is good to remember that along with the Spirit providing gifts, along with the Spirit nurturing up spiritual fruit, the Spirit also became our constant companion, leading us, shielding us and bringing us home