Adult Classes 

Vanishing Grace

Based on the book Vanishing Grace by Philip Yancey. People everywhere thirst for grace. How can Christians present truly Good News amid the changing landscapes of our time? Why do so many people dislike Christians? How can we communicate faith in an appealing way to future generations? This class will meet in the Miller Room and is facilitated by John Roth and Cathy Kowitz. Cost of the book is $12.

I Beg to Differ

Based on the book I Beg to Differ by Tim Muehlhoff. How we can better understand where others are coming from and how to cultivate common ground? Insights from Scripture and communication theory provide practical ways to manage disagreements and resolve conflicts. We can disagree without being disagreeable. Find out how. This class will meet in Classroom A and is facilitated by Steve and Amanda Pouliot. Cost of the book is $12.

Faithful Presence

Based on the book Faithful Presence by David Fitch. A thoughtful reexamination of seven disciplines that the church has practiced since its inception. Abundant with real-life examples and stories, Faithful Presence demonstrates how these long-standing disciplines can revolutionize the church’s presence in our neighborhoods, transform our way of life in the world, and advance the Kingdom. This class will meet in Classroom C and is facilitated by Betsy Holland and Margaret Thompson-Gough. Cost of the book is $12.

 The Book of Acts

From tiny beginnings among Jesus’ disciples, the Church exploded into a worldwide force in just a few years. How? Jesus left his followers with a mission, and the Spirit of God moved mightily through them to fulfill it. Luke’s account of how the Gospel was carried from Jerusalem to Rome, despite every conceivable obstacle, challenges us to know and live out our mission in the world. This class will meet in the Room for One More and is facilitated by Amy Wells and Gordy Kuenn.

Youth Class

The youth will be studying the Book of John during this block. The Gospel of John may be the most deeply spiritual of the four gospels. This writing is filled with rich images and profound truths, but John notes that his aim in writing the gospel is that readers will not only believe in Jesus Christ, but that they may have life in his name. The youth class will meet in the Youth Room and will be facilitated by Don and Barb Treasure.

Childrens’ Class

The children will be exploring Life with God for Children. This series will be following the sermon topics each week until Lent, then will trace the story of Jesus’ final weeks on Earth. This curriculum is designed to introduce children to spiritual formation in a way that engages their natural openness to God, curiosity, and desire for connection with others. The children will meet in the Children’s Classrooms and will be taught by Deb Rillos, Terry Brazil, Aydan Roth, David Loseke, Grace Pouliot and Antonio Blaine.

So, please pick a class and plan to join us!