Dear First Pres Family,
Team Soles for Water has been logging many miles in the heat this summer in preparation for the ADT half-marathon on Labor Day. If you are not familiar with Team Soles for Water, we are a small group of runners and walkers that partner with World Vision to raise funds to provide clean water to the thousands of children in Rwanda that have to walk 6k per day to fetch dirty, disease-infested water for their families to use for drinking, cooking and bathing. Currently 1000 children die each day across the globe from water-bourne illnesses. For each $50 that we raise, one child receives CLEAN WATER FOR LIFE!
So, how can you help?
1) Double Your Impact for Rwanda starts Monday, July 16. Every donation to an individual fundraising page will be matched by Vanguard Skin Specialists up to $10,000. We are estimating that the funds will be depleted by the end of the week, so please donate early tomorrow. You can go to and then click on Roster to see all the team members from First Pres. Click on a team member and then click on “Support Me”. Please DO NOT donate to the team in general, as those monies will not be matched as they have been in past years. If you are uncomfortable making an online donation, even though the system is secure, please email me or leave me a message at 765.225.9063 with the amount of your intended donation and whether it will be cash or check and I can enter offline donations for Monday that will count towards the match and you can give me the money later.
2) If you do not currently sponsor a child through World Vision and would like to start or if you would like to sponsor another child, each new child sponsorship can result in a $1000 credit to an individual fundraising page. This match is good through Labor Day. You can go to to see the profiles of children available for sponsorship. Then, you can give me your name, your sponsored child’s name and child number, the date sponsored and I can enter the information for the matching donation. Sponsorship not only provides clean water to a child, it also build stronger education, healthcare, agricultural development and economic development for the child’s community.
3) If you would like to show your support as we run our longs group runs on Saturday mornings, please let me know and I can provide you with the locations of spots that you can cheer along the side of the trail as we run our 8, 9 and 10 mile runs over the next month. A smiling face, thumbs up and “You can do it” can go a long way in keeping our legs going!
4) Pray for our runners, that we may continue to stay healthy and injury-free and pray for the kiddos in Rwanda that will be able to go to school and live healthy lives because they have clean water. World Vision hopes that Rwanda will be the first country in Africa to have clean water by 2022.
5) If you know someone who does not go to First Pres whose heart may be broken by the water crisis, please forward this information to them so that they may consider donating as well.
If you haven’t yet registered for the race and would like to participate, please visit the link above for donations and click “Join Our Team”.
Many blessings to you,
Amy Wells
Team Soles for Water Captain