A new sermon series begins on our “target date” for re-entering our sanctuary.

Christmas Child Boxes
Packing of the boxes will be Sunday, October 18 before and after church service. Tables will be set up outside of Fellowship Hall for people to write their notes before coming into the hall to pack boxes. Social distancing will be in place with a limited number of people in the hall at one time. In case of inclement weather, we will mark off areas for people in the hallway and Plumber/Miller Room in which people may wait. You may also bring your pre-packed box on October 18. If you have any questions, please call Diane Haskin at 303-883-5383 or email at jroth108@comcast.net.

Worship in Sanctuary
Our “target date” for returning to worship in the Sanctuary is October 18th. We will hold a worship service at 9AM. If possible we will also try to open up the Fellowship Hall and stream the service into that room. Although a special air movement system is now set in the sanctuary, for people concerned with air movement during our pandemic, the Fellowship Hall may be a good alternative.